1994 New York Shooting

November 30th 1994 would be a significant date in Tupac’s life, on this day Tupac would be involved in a shooting which Tupac was unlucky to escape from without near fatal implications. It was 12:20 am, Tupac and three of his entourage including “Stretch” (of the Live Squad) who was a close friend and his manager Freddie Moore were approached in a recording studio in Times Square, Tupac was shot 5 times. The incident was labeled by mainly police and the media as a robbery in which Tupac went for his gun which resulted in the shots being fired at him.

Outside the Scene of the shooting, police officers are present

Fellow Rap artists Notorious BIG and Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs were a few floors above where this incident took place and this is what fueled Tupac’s accusations that Biggie was involved in the shooting. The attackers stole around 40,000 dollars worth of jewelry, Freddie Moore was hit once in the shooting and gave chase to the attackers only to collapse in the building next door. Tupac took the lift upstairs where he confronted Biggie and Puffy, in an atmosphere as he described as ‘Strange’ nobody stood up to help Tupac but rather stared in disbelief almost shocked that Tupac was still alive.

Notorious BIG who was present at the time of the shooting is seen above leaving the scene.

Tupac was surprised at the attack and always thought that the incident was a set up, however the police seen this as a standard robbery and the victim could have been anybody who was unlucky enough to be approached by the attackers at that time. But Tupac was convinced it wasn’t as straight forward as a robbery and this set the wheels on motion for the beef between Tupac and Biggie.

Tupac flips the bird to the camera man while being assisted into an ambulance.