1996 Shooting

The notorious setting of the flashing lights and glamour would be the setting for Tupac’s final bow September 7th 1996, the event would be stricken by tragedy and alot of strange circumstances for the ‘alive theorists’ however nobody could have imagined what started off as a routine trip to attend a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon would see the downfall of Tupac. Apparently Tupac didn’t want to go to Vegas but Suge had convinced Tupac to attend, it was reported that in the weeks prior to this there had been some unrest in the Deathrow camp and Tupac apparently had instructed a letter to be wrote to inform of him leaving the label.

The Tyson v Seldon fight was over in 109 seconds, while leaving through the lobby of the MGM Grand Tupac and the Deathrow entourage got caught up in an incident with a south side crip Orlando Anderson over a prior incident and a Deathrow medallion being stolen. Tupac approached Anderson and punched him in the face, the incident can be seen below in which the Deathrow entourage is beating on Anderson.

A fight in the MGM Grand breaks out including Tupac, Suge and Orlando Anderson.

Tupac leaves the fight scene through the hallways of the MGM Grand, bystanders look on.

Tupac then fled the scene with the Deathrow entourage following which escalated into a huge crowd pouring out onto the streets of Las Vegas. Tupac went back to the hotel the Luxor and changed clothes, after visiting Suge Knights home on Monte Rosa Avenue they headed for club 662 in their black BMW. Driving down the strip they bumped some of the new tracks from Makaveli, they was pulled over around 11:05 by police for playing the music too loud and not displaying the correct car plates. After being let go they headed East on Flamingo road and stopped for a red light at Koval Lane which was half a mile from the strip. While at this red light a white Cadillac pulls up to the right of the BMW and an arm comes out of the car and starts shooting at the bmw. Tupac aware of what was about to happen tried to jump into the back seats and was subsequently hit twice one bullet hit him in his leg and ricocheted up into his lung. Suge was apparently hit in the head, it was later believed that this was shrapnel rather than a bullet. The Cadillac turned right and sped off, some of the cars from the Deathrow entourage attempted to give chase but lost the Cadillac.

This photo was taken moments before the shooting, one would say Tupac had a very thoughtful expression on his face. Suge Knight is seen sitting next to Tupac at the wheel of the bmw.

Suge at this time pulled a U turn and headed back down East Flamingo, the car eventually came to a halt in a median near Harmon Avenue with four flat tires due to running a red light and hitting the center divider of the road. Tupac was taken by ambulance from this location to the University Medical Center, the handling of things at this location was thought to have been strange by the police. Apparently police held Tupac’s entourage at gun point and instructed them to get on the ground, it is thought these actions made most of the entourage unwilling to cooperate with the police.

The BMW lies shot up in a taped up police scene.

September 13th six days after the shooting and six days of intensive care for Tupac including having his right lung removed being heavily sedated and being put on life support, Afeni Tupac’s mom made the desicion to let Tupac’s spirit be free. Tupac was revived several times but after each time was growing weaker and weaker, this is why Afeni made the desicion to let him go. At 4:03 pm Tupac was pronounced dead, the seemingly immortal Tupac had now passed on and many people was shocked after earlier doctors had announced they expected Tupac to pull through giving him a 50 – 50 chance and stating he had passed the critical stage.