Rapper, Poet, Actor, Thug, Legend, no matter what kind of vision you have of Tupac you cant deny that he would be applicable to all those titles mentioned above. Different people will always have different perceptions of the man who meant so many things to so many people.

Even to this day after the years that have passed I still speak to people who believe one day Tupac will return from hiding and make a mockery of his massively publicized death back in September 1996. But there will always be theories and there will always be the fact that people have a right to hold their own opinion, but here at we firmly believe Tupac passed away. Nobody shy away from the fact Tupac is one of Hip Hops biggest icons,
what he achieved in five years of notable fame only most artists would achieve in a lifetime. It was his passion and energy that captured most peoples attention, he was somebody who recognized the problems and issues happening in the majority of the world, most notable his country and was able to portray them through his music. The lyrics seemed to grip you because his tracks told stories of experience’s and belief’s he had.

What would have become of Tupac Shakur if he had of lived through that 1996 shooting in Las Vegas? nobody quite knows because of Tupacs raw desire he could have accomplished many things. But we have to imagine he would have continued with his music for sometime and released many more tracks he chose suitable for public hearing and certainly he would have become more familiar to us on the big screen. With so much promise its hard to contemplate that his life was ended in such tragic circumstances and still to this day seems no more clear why.

Some people who don’t look deep enough at the character of Tupac Shakur believe that he got what he had coming to him, that he was a thug who was killed by what he spoke. This I certainly have a problem with because to people looking from the outside in at a situation its always easy to stereotype somebody and then stick with that opinion. I have found from speaking to general people who don’t know much about Tupac that common belief is that Tupac was this consistently bad thugged out character. Its always interesting to perceive their attitude shift when they learn a few more details and facts about what Tupac actually stood for and that was Talent and Heart. He was human like the rest of us and did some things he was probably not always proud of, don’t we all? but the difference is his actions were always publicized. But he stayed true to what he believed and rapped about, he was a catalyst who came from the lows to the highs always maintaining hardship and pain.

Look around current day at the modern Hip Hop icon and look at what they’re message stands for, I personally find it hard to find somebody as passionate about their music and not their bank balance as Tupac was. In this era where your ‘bling’ means more what they have potentially achieved in their life I feel disheartened for hip hop because of Tupacs absence. Many artists have tried to copy Tupac and have failed miserably, it’s a sad affair to witness and only adds to the frustration of Tupac fans that people are trying to replicate him. There was only one Tupac and regardless of any theory or fact the main fact will remain that Tupac was a special icon that hip hop will probably never find near to again.